eLinux Application Development
IIoT Gateway Programming

   Training Highlights

* Learn through Practical's

* Work on Latest ARM Core like Cortex A5/A7/A8/A9/A15/A17

* Assured Post Training Support

* Unlimited Access to the Hardware Boards for Practical's

* Training Tutorials & data available online


Training Contents


Working on ARM Boards

* Setting up toolchain
* Setting up TFTP & NFS Server
* Image Flashing ( Kernel, Root File system )
* Code Cross Compilation and Execution on ARM Board

GPIO Programming

* GPIO subsystem in Linux Kernel
* Configuration of GPIO in Linux Kernel
* Accessing GPIO from Linux Driver
* GPIO programming from User Application ( C / Python )
* Demo 2x16 LCD Interface to WEGA Board

UART Programming

* UART subsystem in Linux Kernel
* Configuring UART in Linux Kernel
* Accessing UART from User Application ( C / Python )
* Demo programming GSM / GPS module to WEGA board


I2C & SPI Programming

* Understanding I2C and SPI Subsystem in Linux Kernel
* I2C and SPI api for driver development
* I2C and SPI programming from User application
* Demo Sensor interface to WEGA Board

Wireless Modules

* How to configure Wi-Fi on WEGA Board
* Demo of Accessing Cloud server from WEGA Board
* How to connect LoWPAN modules ( BLE, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, LoRA ) to WEGA Board and program them

Keypad Programming

* Understanding Linux Input subsystem
* Configuring Keypad in Linux Kernel
* Programming key handling from user application

Web Server

* How to configure WEGA board as Web server
* How to access hardware from web programming
* How to configure the database on WEGA Board and accessing database from user application


* Good C Programming Knowledge
* Basic Micro Controler Programming Knowledge

* Linux Basics & Internals[must]