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University IoT Lab
A big step forward to be a part of “ Make In INDIA” movement & work on latest technologies like IoT(Internet of Things) and enable young innovative students to build solutions for SMART CITY IN INDIA

Wireless Sensor Node with ARM Cortex-M3 MCU and onboard Light Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Tri-axis accelerometer, Tri-axis magnetometer, IR-Thermocouples Sensor, Humidity Sensor, RGB-LED, capacitive Button.

Communication Protocols:
A Universal IoT Gateway supports multiple Industry standard like ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 6LoWPAN & IEEE 802.15.4 MAC to communicate with Sensor Network and in other end reliable communication channels WiFi, Ethernet, 2G & 3G GSM/CDMA to connect the cloud & also can be used as stand-alone private cloud server by running MQTT Broker and local Database with Web server.

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